MU Football

Missouri linebacker returns to football practice

Missouri linebacker Will Ebner returned to the practice field Tuesday, two days after being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Alexander lands NFL job, plays catch-up with Rams

Alexander said he got a congratulatory text message from Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.


Missouri's Ashton Glaser stands out with physical presence at quarterback

Ashton Glaser, who is currently the fourth-string quarterback, has performed well in scrimmages, displaying a physical style of play. He is trying to battle his way up the Tigers depth chart.

Missouri receiver Wes Kemp blocking slow preseason

Missouri receiver Wes Kemp's role in the offense goes beyond catching the ball. When the ball isn't in his hands, Kemp takes pride in his blocking abilities. His teammates are noticing.



Rams sign former Missouri star Danario Alexander

Missouri tailback was cheerleader in high school

Teammates tease Jared Culver about being a cheerleader in high school, but it's difficult to laugh too hard. Culver is the biggest running back on the Missouri football team and gets lots of respect for his punishing style.

Injuries no excuse for Missouri's Pinkel

On Friday, seven Tigers wore the red jerseys of an injured player, keeping them off the practice field and making injuries an unwanted distraction at Devine Pavilion 13 days before the Tigers' Sept. 4 game against Illinois.

Defensive backs change mentality for 2010 Missouri football season

If all goes to plan, the Missouri defense will force two turnovers a game, and to do that, the Tigers will need improved performance from a secondary that ranked second to last in the Big 12 in pass defense in 2009. 


Missouri freshmen tailbacks form close relationship

Henry Josey and Marcus Murphy, two freshman tailbacks, have formed a close relationship. They've learned a lot from teammate Derrick Washington this season, and they're focusing on improving the mental and physical aspects of their games.

Short day for Missouri football team

The Missouri football team enjoyed mild weather in their morning practice Wednesday and then skipped the second practice of the day so the team could go catch a movie.

Practice pace different for MU kickers

During the Missouri football team's busiest preseason practices, Tigers kickers Grant Ressel, Matt Grabner, Trey Barrow and Christian Brinser spend 30 minutes on the field in special teams drills. The rest of the time, coaches count on them to improve on their own.

Added weight helps L'Damian Washington excel for Missouri football team

While redshirt freshman receiver L’Damian Washington put on 20 pounds this offseason, he still is one of the Missouri football team's lankiest players.

Missouri football focused on forcing fumbles

The Missouri defense recovered four fumbles during Saturday morning's scrimmage.

New and improved Washington impresses in Missouri football scrimmage

After the first 10 days of preseason camp, the verdict is in — Missouri football's senior tailback  is quicker, faster and better than ever.

Notebook: Saturday's Missouri football scrimmage

Quarterbacks fight for Missouri football backup spot

Four quarterbacks hope to grab the No. 2 positions behind Missouri starter Blaine Gabbert.

Will Ebner working to return for Missouri football

Will Ebner, who's had two knee injuries and a shoulder injury in the past, is recovering from a hamstring strain. Although he's always determined to push himself and return to practice as quickly as possible after an injury, with his hamstring Ebner must be especially cautious.

Missouri football team leans on Moe

After junior wide receiver Jerrell Jackson broke a bone in his wrist Wednesday, T.J. Moe became the go-to guy for Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert — the first receiver Gabbert looks to when the ball is snapped.

Top Missouri receiver breaks bone in wrist

Jerrell Jackson broke the scaphoid bone in his left wrist in practice on Wednesday and could be sidelined for the next four weeks.

Freshman has perfect mentor for MU football career

If the comparisons are accurate, and freshman tight end Eric Waters, is the next Martin Rucker, he has the right mentor to guide him through his Missouri football career — 2007 All-American Martin Rucker.