Sports commentary

COMMENTARY: Remembering Oscar Taveras and 'everything happy'

The highly touted St. Louis Cardinals prospect was ripped away from us far too soon, before he could fully unleash the potential of his swing and smile.

Trying out to be a Missouri Tiger is no cakewalk on the basketball court

Missouri basketball invited students to try out for the team. Here's what it's like for the 11 students who went through the process.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Make football safer by preventing concussions

Almost all the brains of former pro football players that were studied had a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is caused by repeated head injuries and can lead to depression, dementia and suicide.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Keeping Big 12 tournaments in Kansas City eases fears for conference

Just a few short months ago people wondered whether the Big 12 would even still belong to a big-time conference. Now those fears are eased with announcements that Big 12 football and basketball events will be in Kansas City.

Comment: Don't expect college football playoff just yet

Those in charge can't decide on the toughest questions.

Column: Goodell better have goods on 'bad' Saints

The punishment doled out in response to the Saints bounty program ought to have compelling evidence to prove it was organized and vicious. If that's not the case, the punishment has already exceeded the crime.

Comment: So far, Pujols is a $240 million mistake

Albert Pujols has been struggling just to get hits, much less home runs with the Angels and is hitting just .226, well below his career average of .328 with the Cardinals.


COMMENT: 2011 season a triumph for Missouri football

While an 8-5 record might be disappointing to some, the obstacles Missouri overcame to get there are just as important.

ANALYSIS: What happens to the leftover bowl-eligible Big 12 team?

With eight bowl-eligible teams and only seven bowl tie-ins, what could happen to Missouri if it's the eighth choice?

COMMENT: Youth team shows novice fine points of coaching basketball

When Christian Chapel Academy in Columbia needed a junior high boys basketball coach, I thought, “How hard can it be?”

Eggs from Iowa farms to be used

Eggs from the two farms responsible for the salmonella outbreak will continue to be used in a pasteurized form with no safety risk because of the high temperature of the process killing the bacteria.

Member of 1953 U.S. team reflects on soccer's growth

Tom Schultz an MU graduate and a part time development officer in the university's alumni office, says soccer has changed a lot since he played with the U.S. national team against England in 1953.

Boone County Fairgrounds hosts state barrel racing championships

The finals of the Missouri State Champshionships were held Sunday afternoon with the fastest time of 13.7 seconds.

Move to the Big Ten does not mean step down for Missouri

After breaking down the stats on athletic success in the Big 12 and the Big Ten, it is difficult to say if either conference is better.

Jayhawks fan endorses Chase Daniel...reluctantly

A Washington Post writer likes what Chase Daniel has done with the Washington Redskins in the preseason so far.

COMMENT: U.S. soccer gains a fan

The U.S. soccer team, who like I've stated, I didn't overly care about before this, just made a big name for itself.

COMMENTARY: Taking a turn on Top Gun

Missourian sports writer Brian Nordli got closer to the action than most Saturday at the Missouri High School Rodeo state finals.  

Global Journalist: World Baseball Classic more than just exhibition play

Tournament brings the sport to the international stage.

The Beat: Mixed martial arts is no show for MU alum Ben Askren

Sports editor Greg Bowers and reporter Robby Lewis talk about Askren's athletic career.

The Beat: Tigers defeat Jayhawks

Sports editor Greg Bowers and reporter Luke Thompson talk about Missouri’s unexpected victory over the defending national champions.