Sports commentary

Jefferson City speedskater qualifies for time trials

Carly Wilson's 1:36.976 over nine laps help her qualify for the time trials at the U.S. Short Track Speedskating Championships at the Hardee's Iceplex in Chesterfield. She is one of 21 women remaining in the field that will be cut to 16 on Friday.

COMMENT: Crow's scoreless-inning streak inspires search for record

The Missouri pitcher has tossed 42 2/3 scoreless innings, but the NCAA does not have an official record on the books. Any effort to find the record can turn into an obesssion, but in the end we may not find a conclusive answer.

COMMENT: Betting there's something better than the BCS

Down on the Las Vegas Strip the Tigers aren’t even rated the best team in their next game, against No. 9 Oklahoma.

Commentary: Kansas game lives up to hype

Tigers can enjoy their great season, Big 12 North title.

Commentary: Missouri-Kansas rivalry intense enough without invoking Civil War memories

Sports hate can be enjoyable, but old-time real hate is something best left in the past.

Comment: So far, BCS success still seems far off

Their mission is to bring us a national championship game worth watching. So far they’ve done little to inspire confidence in their success.

COMMENTARY: Missouri finally ready to talk about Kansas

Next Saturday’s ‘Game of the Century’ between No. 3 Kansas and No. 5 Missouri begins a three-team playoff with a national-title berth at stake.

Tigers fans should look ahead, not behind

Older Tigers fans are afraid history may repeat itself this season for the MU football team.

Fellow NASCAR drivers denting Edwards' image

With his trademark back flip, toothy grin and jovial personality, Carl Edwards rocketed his way to NASCAR superstar status. Now his Nextel Cup rivals claim that Mr. Nice Guy routine was nothing more than an elaborate act.

Kickers moved back

The change will result in more returns and less touchbacks. More hits and less kneel downs. More spectators staying in their seats and less heading to the concession stands.

“It’s really bringing the play back in college football,” coach Gary Pinkel said.

Money shot

One of thousands of clay targets met its demise at the hands of shooters and the Rock Bridge Lions Club on Saturday, who for the past 13 years have helped put on the Food Bank Classic at the River Hills Shooting Range.

Summer sports sabbatical hard to handle

The stacked rows of lights of Memorial Stadium will flicker on 18 weeks from today.

That’s longer than this year’s season of “Lost.”

Missouri's missing out

You can tag your allegiance to any of the nearly two-dozen horses that will be thundering toward the finish line in today’s Kentucky Derby. It doesn’t matter which one you pick.

Baseball psychology book enjoyable, easy to read

When MU associate psychology professor Mike Stadler was growing up, he dreamed of playing major league baseball.

Acknowledging ESPN’s flaws necessary

There’s one thing that every bar in the United States has in common. It’s ESPN.

U.S., Virginia Tech left wondering, ‘What if?’

BLACKSBURG, Va. — The student slouched into his chair, his face wrapped in sunglasses, the brim of his baseball cap pulled down so low his eyes were almost lost. The Virginia Tech professor who took a seat across from him did so because there didn’t really seem to be any other option.

We're #1!!

As an undergrad at Texas Tech, a friend approached me after a big win by the football team.

At Stephens College, an A+ matters more than a win

Maddie Marshall is so Hollywood. From the glittery wrap that keeps her dark brown hair in place to her academic major — film studies — she seems like the kind of woman who would be at home on the left coast.

Meaningless matchups

I know the source of that chill that has overcome mid-Missouri this week.

What-ifs can be powerful force in sports

Sports are full of well-documented what-ifs.