Winter Olympics 2014

Sochi's opening show: Let Putin's games begin

Ballet, man-made snow and avant-garde art will make an appearance at Sochi's opening ceremonies, though as with all past opening ceremonies, the details are under wraps. 

Speedskating coach builds enthusiasm for sport at Jefferson City rink

Speedskating isn't usually associated with Missouri. Kirk Bonnot, the Jefferson City Speed Skating Club president and coach, wants to change that.

FRIDAY: 5 things to know about the Sochi Olympics

Missing yogurt, President Vladimir Putin's showcase and a statement from Google are some of the things to know from Sochi.

At Olympics, French, Norwegian biathletes favored in men's 10K sprint

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, the most decorated biathlete of all time, looks for his seventh career Olympic gold medal, but athletes from Norway and France are favored.

5 things to watch for in 5,000 meters speedskating

Team USA is an underdog in Saturday's event.

Chevy Olympic ads feature gay couples

The ads are the first to feature gay couples during an Olympic broadcast, according to GLAAD, an advocacy group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

A cultural guide to Sochi's opening ceremony

The Sochi Olympics opening ceremony was full of references to Russian culture, paying homage to famous composers, literature, dancers and children's tales.

MU students hope Russian anti-gay law spreads awareness of LGBTQ issues

Members of MU's LGBTQ community think Russia's gay-propaganda law could advance the discussion of human rights and endorse the value of tolerance worldwide.

THURSDAY: 5 things to know about the Sochi Olympics

Competition in Sochi is underway a day ahead of the opening ceremony.

Team figure skating makes debut at Sochi Olympics

Team figure skating debuted Thursday at the Sochi Olympics, and speculation about the result of the first night ran rampant right away.

Banned carry-on items get through Russian security at Sochi

Despite a temporary Russian ban on liquids in carry-on luggage, some air travelers heading to the Sochi Olympics through Moscow brought toothpaste and other toiletries past security checkpoints without any problems.

Got yogurt? U.S. Olympians don't

American athletes have to do without Greek yogurt from Team USA sponsor Chobani as the U.S. and Russia negotiate the delivery of the breakfast food to Sochi.

COMMENTARY: Online offerings expand for NBC, but at what cost?

NBC has delivered a vastly improved product for online streaming of Winter Olympics events, but it's looking more an more like a TV package — and that could be a bad thing.

Sochi Games hold echoes of 1980 Moscow Olympics

The Cold War is over, but the Russians are still battling terrorism, complaints from human rights activists, and shoddy manufacturing at the Olympic Games.


How Russia enforces its ban on gay 'propaganda'

Activists, journalists, bloggers and children have been targeted because of the law, which took effect in July.

Shaun White nixes Olympic slopestyle after injury

Shaun White jammed his wrist on one jump and watched the world's best snowboarders join him in tumbling down the supersized, super-scary Olympic slopestyle course.

U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner likes Sochi's rainbow hues

Ashley Wagner sees a certain resemblance between the multihued designs all around the Sochi Olympics and a rainbow gay pride flag.

Hockey players going high-tech with their socks

During the past couple years there's been a growing trend among NHL players trying to protect their lower legs from skate blades. Several manufacturers produce high-tech socks using a variety of material — including Kevlar and copper — to save calf muscles, Achilles tendons and a player's feet.

5 things to know about speedskating, short track

In speedskating, Shani Davis, Heather Richardson and Brittany Bowe are among the Americans to watch. They all might have a shot to make multiple podium finishes. 

Putin, Persian leopard in pitch-perfect photo-op

Russian President Vladimir Putin used a photo opportunity with an endangered leopard to explain how the Winter Olympics are improving the country's infrastructure.