Columbia's Marriages

So far this month, 0 couples have been married in Columbia. The average age of a Columbia groom is 31. The average age of a Columbia bride is 29.

Sarah Elizabeth Hill, 29, and Matthew Kent Stephens, 31, both of Columbia.

Marilyn Janice Moody, 50, and Richard Lee Henderson Jr., 40, both of Columbia.

Jennifer Nicole Heineken, 24, and Paul Isaac Johnson, 24, both of Columbia.

Marlene Elise Werne, 23, and Matthew Morgan Gile, 23, both of Columbia.

Rebecca Ann Hickcox, 40, and Artemio Palacios-Juan, 25, both of Columbia.

Kristopher Elizabeth Ashley Boggs, 21, and Levi Kelsey Grantham, 22, both of Columbia.

Sara Elizabeth Bartel, 25, and James Alexander Hunter, 25, both of Columbia.

Kara Leigh Jones, 30, and Shawn David Schnell, 33, both of Rocheport.

Terra Dawn Vestal, 36, and Christopher Warren Pickett, 37, both of Columbia.

Rebecca Lee Coil, 30, and Casey Tobin Wright, 32, both of Fulton.

Kristin Ruby Shuck, 21, and Joel David Wolf, 22, both of Columbia.

Amy Janine Bouchard, 24, and David Gerald Moss, 25, both of Columbia.

Rachel Marie Gold, 22, and Joseph Gabriel Plaggenberg, 23, both of Columbia.

Tammy Anne Balfanz, 26, and Daniel David Cramer, 29, both of Lake Ozark, MO.

Nancy Ross, 37, and David Lorne Dribin, 33, both of Chicago, IL.

Joni Marie Eickhoff, 25, and Andrew Louis James, 35, both of Columbia.

Samantha Jo Baker, 21, and Steven John Fitzmorris, 24, both of Columbia.

Nicole Marie Baker, 24, and Patrick Michael Clemens, 28, both of Columbia.

Sharon Marie Cochran, 52, and Rodney Eugene Gilmore, 46, both of Columbia.

Randi Renee Rhinehart, 21, and Timothy Leroy Pults, 22, both of Columbia.