Columbia's Marriages

So far this month, 0 couples have been married in Columbia. The average age of a Columbia groom is 31. The average age of a Columbia bride is 29.

Crystal Rena Johnson, 23, and Steel Lavone Midgyett, 20, both of Columbia.

Melissa Lynn Blankenship, 36, and Samuel Vernon Cockrell, 35, both of Ashland.

Corinne Miranda Pass, 20, and Casey Jay Craig, 20, both of Hallsville.

Julie Ann Wagner, 38, and Paul Harvey Ladehoff, 44, both of Columbia.

Heather Danielle Smith, 24, and Stephen Brown Rimmer III, 24, both of Columbia.

Lakesha Lynn Phillips, 31, and Edwin Mutugi Njeru, 22, both of Columbia.

Jaime Rae Steiner, 26, of Columbia, and Tony Arnez Palmer Jr., 24, of Green Bay, Wis..

Deanna Christine Brooks, 31, and David Anthony Gayland Brooks, 32, both of Sturgeon.

Staci Jean Ball, 24, and Christopher Darangwa, 25, both of Columbia.

Billie Jo Floyd, 42, and Kevin Demond Harris, 30, both of Columbia.

Kalynn Tracy, 25, and Joshua James Ramsey, 27, both of Ashland.

Regina Kay Oren, 68, and Edward Estil Nichols, 68, both of Columbia.

Carolyn Sue Roof, 50, and Stephen Wayne Baker, 57, both of Columbia.

Megan Patricia Lederman, 30, of Columbia, and John Jude Rutter, 45, of Kirksville, MO.

Emily Marie Overbeck, 33, and Jefferson Lee Fitzhugh, 40, both of Ashland, MO.

Sarah Catherine Theobald, 19, and Brian Scott Steel, 29, both of Columbia.

Norma Nicole Vaughn, 30, and Larry John Jr Brown, 25, both of Columbia.

Sarah Ann Gray, 30, and Anthony Lamar Prince, 23, both of Columbia.

Christina Ann Sanning, 34, and Quincy Warren Butler, 32, both of Columbia.

Stephanie Hope Skaggs, 20, and Shawn Michael Crivello, 22, both of Ashland, MO.