A hint of fall emerges (copy)

In this file photo, the leaves of a Virginia creeper offer a hint of fall on a vine-covered tree last October in Rock Bridge State Park.

Fall arrives one week from Tuesday, and with it, the chance to see some beautiful autumn foliage.

“Certainly fall color is on our doorstep,” said Robert Hemmelgarn, media specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. “Some of the late summer, early fall wildflowers are blooming like goldenrod and New England asters.”

Agency foresters with the Missouri Department of Conservation will post weekly fall color forecasts online and suggest the best places to view the changing leaves.

Hemmelgarn noted that leaves usually start to change in mid-Missouri right about now.

Although a number of factors determine which trees will show their colors early, Hemmelgarn said sassafras, sumac and Virginia creeper are usually the first to display fall color. Maple, black gum, bittersweet and dogwood are close behind.

Ann Koenig, a community forester with the Conservation Department, said “bright, cloudless autumn days are ideal for a good display of fall color.”

As a general rule, she said she marks “about the third week in October as a good time to be paying attention to fall color for mid-Missouri.”

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