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Joe Dillard, a recently published author and self-proclaimed hunker expert, got a little more than he bargained for from his folding chair. 

Rogers moved to Columbia after World War II, where she accepted a position on the faculty of Stephens College as Chairman of Fashion Merchandising.

Another year has brought Roots N Blues N BBQ to Columbia, bringing together thousands of music fans and community members. We scoured for the photos you shared throughout the weekend to show what the event looked like from your eyes. 

In honor of the Daniel Boone Library One Read book “Turner House,” we’re asking readers to share a story about your home, about your family or both.

I am going to tell you about myself, not because I am somewhat narcissistic, which I am, but mostly because I want to tell people to reach for more in their lives, and get out and do more than just getting a paycheck.

My family obituaries

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