Joe Dillard, a self proclaimed 'hunker expert,' who recently got stuck in his folding chair

Joe Dillard, a self proclaimed “hunker expert”, who recently got stuck in his folding chair.

Joe G. Dillard, self-proclaimed expert on the difference between a squat and hunker, experienced the ultimate hunker recently as shown above.

As you can tell from the photo, this is not a natural pose, and it was not meant to be a "hunker in a chair" demonstration. (Joe has become famous for demonstrating the difference between a squat and a hunker as illustrated on the back cover of his book, “A Full Cup of Joe.”)

Before he plopped down, his son Steve pointed out that the bottom of the folding chair had a rip in it. So, what did he do? You guessed it. He decided to sit in it one more time, which proved to be one time too many! Chair 1, Joe 0.

If you have never tried to get up from a position like this, don’t. The major problem is that you are wedged in the frame of the seat, which is not much larger than your frame. Thus, there is no wiggle room to gain traction. And, with the flimsy arms on a chair like this, you can’t leverage yourself up far enough to lift yourself by your legs. It is sort of like a weighted taco position with all of the weight at the bottom.

Joe says thank goodness his son was here. It took both he and Joe’s wife to get him up out of it. Without their help, he might have become front page news rather than you reading it on this page.

Joe G. Dillard, an ardent reader of the Missourian and frequent contributor to "From Readers,” recently published his first book, “A Full Cup of Joe,” a humorous autobiography of his life thus far.

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