On Tuesday, the number of COVID-19 inpatients at MU Health Center and Boone Hospital Center increased from prior weeks at both hospitals. 

Last Monday, the total number of people with COVID-19 in all Boone County hospitals was 39, and on Aug. 24 it was 35.

Boone Hospital Center reported 14 patients with COVID-19, which is two more than last week. 

At MU Health Center, there were 25 inpatients with confirmed cases — three more than last week. Forty-one inpatients were categorized as pending. As previously reported by the Missourian, “inpatient pending” reflects the number of people in the hospital who are suspected or likely to have COVID-19. 

Truman Veterans' Memorial hospital did not respond to queries about the total number of inpatients Tuesday. 

At MU, there were 658 active student cases, according to the university's dashboard. This is up from 415 active cases last week and represents 2.4% of the student body. 

In Boone County, the number of active cases was 1,055 — almost 400 more than last week, with 1,465 contacts in quarantine and 2,474 released from isolation.

Seven people have died in Boone County due to COVID-19 — the only metric that remains unchanged since the first week of classes at MU.

Boone County reports that 18- to 22-year-olds account for 1,701 of the total 3,536 cases over the course of the pandemic.

On Sept. 5, Boone County reported 221 new cases per day, breaking the previous record of 168, set on Sept. 2. The New York Times ranks Columbia, MO as number six on its national list of "where the outbreak is worst." 

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