Missouri reported record COVID-19 daily totals last week, with Wednesday and Thursday the second- and third-highest daily totals, respectively. On June 20, the state saw its highest daily total, with 446 new cases.

The state reports 21,043 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Monday afternoon, according to its COVID-19 information hub.

Southwest Missouri is currently experiencing an outbreak impacting primarily McDonald, Jasper, Newton and Barry counties. The state is monitoring a Tyson Foods processing plant in the area, according to a news briefing from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

DHSS has conducted community testing events in all four counties. There is currently one testing event still ongoing in Jasper County, which will run through Tuesday.

On Monday, Boone County’s COVID-19 information hub reported one new case of COVID-19, bringing the total cases to 354 and total active cases to 91. There are no new deaths or hospitalizations. For the month of June, reports on Mondays typically show lower COVID-19 numbers than other days.

There are now 36 travel-related cases, 197 cases via contact with a confirmed case, 109 community transmitted cases and 12 pending or unknown cases.

While one new case was reported in Boone County Monday, it is experiencing a surge in cases. On Sunday, the county saw a 13.2 five-day average for daily COVID-19 cases, the highest since recording. The county reported a 10.4 five-day average Monday.

The county reported an 8.2% positivity rate for COVID-19 tests for the week of June 19 to Thursday. Sunday saw 11 new cases, and Saturday saw eight new cases in the county.

The state reported a 1.6% change from Sunday to Monday for COVID-19 cases. Within the last seven days, there has been a 9.7% change. Both stats reflect a 72-hour delay.

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