Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has announced that up to $22 million will be provided for nonprofit organizations in the state as a response to COVID-19 through a grant from the state government.

"This grant will ensure that they are able to continue helping those who need it most,” Parson said in a news release.

Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, according to the program guidelines:

  • They must be located in Missouri.
  • They must be 501(c)(3) nonprofits, excluding hospitals, hospital foundations, schools and post-secondary education institutions and foundations and animal charities.
  • They must be registered to do business as a nonprofit in Missouri and in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State.
  • They must have been in operation for at least one year prior to March 1, 2020.

Faith-based organizations are eligible upon meeting the following criteria:

  • All of the above requirements must be met.
  • Organizations may not engage in inherently religious activities, such as worship, religious instruction or proselytization, as part of the programs or services funded through this grant.
  • The organization does not require participation in a religion or religious activities to receive services.
  • The organization does not discriminate against participants or prospective participants on the basis of religion or religious belief in providing services.

The maximum grant request is initially limited to $250,000.

Applicants must prove the grant will help them provide services or establish the significance of their services to the community. The organization must also provide evidence of its expenses during the pandemic, according to Missouri Department of Economic Development website

Applicants can email their submissions to nonprofitrelief@ded.mo.gov. There will be two waves of applications.

The first wave will be accepted from July 22 to Aug. 14. Eligible nonprofits are those providing services related to preventing homelessness, job training, food insecurity, at-risk youth, child care and educational support.

The next round will be accepted from Aug. 19-28 and will be open to organizations that provide services not identified in the first wave.

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