Silverball, a downtown Columbia arcade and bar, was found in violation of the city's health order Saturday night.

Violations included having over 100 people inside at one time. The health order limits business capacity to 100 people and requires social distancing measures be in place.

It's the second business cited in the weekend before MU students return to class. Unlike the Brookside Midtown pool, health officials didn't order the bar to shut down.

"We asked them to get everyone out and then allow an appropriate number back into the bar. At that point, they decided to close for the night," Scott Clardy, the Health Department's assistant director, told KOMU.

Silverball closed voluntarily in June after a customer tested positive for COVID-19 potentially exposing bar staff.

Owner Nic Parks told KOMU he's out of town and hasn't received the notice of violation yet. He added that staff count people at the door to limit capacity to 100. Security camera footage from Saturday night didn't appear to show the bar was crowded, Parks also said.

He noted that it's "difficult" to enforce masking and social distancing and staff couldn't keep up.

"All we can do is continue to do our best under the circumstances," Parks said. "If patrons want bars to remain open, they will need to abide by the rules."

Parks explained operations may change in the future to shift focus to carryout and further limit occupancy to better manage enforcement.

The city prosecutor may decide to pursue charges and a Columbia municipal court judge could decide whether to fine the business.

Silverball is the twelfth business to be found in violation of the health order since June 20.

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