Tolton Regional Catholic High School was cited with a county COVID-19 ordinance violation Friday regarding a cross country event the school hosted Sept. 12.

According to Columbia/Boone County Public Health & Human Services officials, it was made aware of the event the day before it occurred and had not received an operational plan.

The Health Department reached out to athletic director Gary Link and asked for a submitted operational plan. Because of the short time frame the school had to get an operational plan in and approved, the department recommended the school cancel or postpone the event. The department received a plan around 5:30 p.m. that day.

“The plan was inadequate, and it was reported to us that they went ahead with the cross country event the next day,” said Scott Clardy, assistant director of the department.

Tolton acknowledged its mistake in a news release. The school’s president and principal, Daniel Everett, said the school has written, submitted and implemented safety plans for all other school events, but because of an oversight, it did not submit one for the cross country event.

According to the release, the school was notified of this oversight by email after business hours Sept. 11. Once the email was read by Tolton officials, the school immediately replied with the existing safety plan, according to the release.

The school decided to continue with the event because it believed the existing plan in place would ensure the safety of all involved, the release said.

“(Tolton) apologizes for the oversight involved with this event and will be diligent to ensure adequate procedures are implemented so that this oversight does not happen again,” Everett said.

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