Democratic Presidential Nominees

Twenty-two people from across the U.S. will appear on the Missouri ballot during the presidential Democratic primary March 10. 


Age: 59

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota

Campaign website:

Facebook: @amyklobuchar 

Instagram: @amyklobucha

Twitter: @amyklobuchar 

Biographical information: Klobuchar was born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from Yale University before going on to earn a law degree from the University of Chicago. Klobuchar served as the Hennepin County Attorney for eight years and, in 2006, she became the first female U.S. senator elected from Minnesota.

Priorities: Klobuchar supports universal health care and believes that the climate crisis is an urgent priority. She also lists ensuring everyone’s right to vote as a key issue. If elected, she plans to champion a voting rights and democracy reform package. She also wants to fight Russian interference in our elections. In an effort to promote “shared prosperity,” Klobuchar wants to raise the minimum wage, invest in child care services, provide paid family leave, support small business owners and overhaul the country’s housing policy. She also supports a package of gun-reform policies.


Age: 62

Hometown: New York City

Campaign website:

Facebook: @officialtomsteyer 

Instagram: @tomsteyer 

Twitter: @TomSteyer 

Biographical information: Tom Steyer, a billionaire and former hedge fund manager, ran Farallon Capital Management until 2012. Although he has never held elected office, Steyer founded NextGen America, a non-profit grassroots organizing group that focuses on climate change, social justice and voter registration. Steyer worked previously at investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. He also started the "Need to Impeach" digital petition campaign in 2017.

Priorities: Steyer's self-funded campaign aims to break up the influence of corporations on government. He wants to institute term limits for members of Congress and plans to tackle inequalities created by the climate crisis. He also wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings and expand the power of the judicial branch. He also supports higher taxes on the wealthy.


Age: 38

Hometown: Kapolei, Hawaii

Campaign website:

Facebook: @TulsiGabbard

Instagram: @tulsigabbard

Twitter: @TulsiGabbard

Biographical information: Gabbard has been a congresswoman from Hawaii since 2012 and has served on the House Armed Services, National Security and Foreign Affairs committees. She is a major in the U.S. Army National Guard and served in the Iraq War. Gabbard has also served in the Hawaii legislature and on the Honolulu City Council.

Priorities: Gabbard is running on a platform of "ending regime change wars," decriminalizing marijuana and breaking up "too-big-to-fail" banks. Gabbard also supports "College for All", investing in a renewable energy jobs program and banning fossil fuel subsidies and fracking.


Age: 68

Hometown: Jefferson City

Internet: Steinman has no campaign website or social media presence.

Biographical information: Steinman, a well-known figure at the Missouri Capitol, is a retired truck driver and frequent political candidate. He earned a degree in welding technologies at Columbia College. Steinman ran for Missouri governor in 2016 and for U.S. senator in 2018. He is married to candidate Velma Steinman.

Priorities: Steinman did not respond to Missourian requests for comment. He said during a 2016 gubernatorial forum hosted by the Muleskinners in Columbia that he wanted to increase small businesses' access to loans and to train teachers to prepare their students for managing occupations. He describes himself as a friend of the working man.


Age: 50

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Campaign website:

Facebook: @corybooker

Instagram: @corybooker

Twitter: @corybooker

Biographical information: Booker attended Stanford University on a football scholarship while earning his undergraduate degree, then earned a law degree at Yale University. He also studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Booker began his political career as a Newark, New Jersey, council member and was elected mayor in 2006. He became a U.S. senator in 2013 and is seeking re-election after ending his campaign for president in January. He remains on the Missouri ballot.

Priorities: As a senator, Booker has focused on strengthening marginalized communities. He was an original co-sponsor of the Equality Act, which protects the rights of the LGBTQ community. He helped write the Next Step Act, which he describes on his website as an effort to reform the criminal justice system. He has supported universal healthcare in the past but said during his campaign that he would not get rid of private health insurance completely. Booker believes in debt-free college.


Age: 70

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Campaign website:

Facebook: @ElizabethWarren

Instagram: @elizabethwarren

Twitter: @ewarren

Biographical information: Warren was a law professor for over 30 years at major U.S. universities. She attended a commuter college in Texas and then public law school to get her law degree, according to her website. Due to her expertise in bankruptcy law, Warren chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel during the 2008 financial crisis and helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She’s been a U.S. senator for Massachusetts since 2013.

Priorities: Warren wants to structurally change much of the government. She supports the working class and wants to move power from the wealthy to working people. Warren plans to negotiate with foreign countries to raise global labor standards to protect U.S. jobs. She has a plan to reduce student loan debt for millions of Americans. She also endorses public health care and a Green New Deal to address climate change.


Age: 77

Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Campaign website:

Facebook: @joebiden

Instagram: @joebiden

Twitter: @joebiden

Biographical information: Biden attended the University of Delaware and earned his law degree at Syracuse University. Biden started his political career as a member of the New Castle County Council in Delaware and was elected to the U.S. Senate at 29. He served as the 47th vice president under Barack Obama. This is Biden’s third run for president.

Priorities: Biden wants to rebuild the middle class, making sure "everybody comes along – regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability," according to his campaign website. He wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, supports unions and collective bargaining and aims to halt unnecessary occupational licensing requirements. Biden wants to "defend and build upon" the Affordable Care Act, aiming to give every American access to health insurance they can afford. He wants to reverse President Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the upper class and aims to eliminate special tax breaks.


Age: 38

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

Campaign website:

Facebook: @petebuttigieg1

Instagram: @pete.buttigieg

Biographical information: Buttigieg was born in South Bend, Indiana. He attended Harvard University, where he majored in history and literature. He earned his bachelor's degree at Pembroke College, Oxford. In 2011, he was elected mayor of South Bend. During his first term, he took a leave of absence to deploy to Afghanistan, where he served as a Navy lieutenant.

Priorities: Buttigieg plans to focus on the climate change crisis by launching the Clean Energy Victory Plan, according to his website. He also plans to implement The Douglass Plan, which would focus on helping the African American community by reforming the criminal justice and health systems, strengthening access to credit and investing in communities. He wants to strengthen the economy, improve access to education and provide for veterans.


Age: 78

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Campaign website:

Facebook: @berniesanders

Instagram: @berniesanders

Biographical information: Sanders was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. After graduation, he moved to Vermont. In 1981, he was elected mayor of Burlington. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 and is serving his third term. He was also a candidate for president in 2016 but failed to win the Democratic nomination.

Priorities: Sanders wants to stop deportations and make the U.S. more welcoming to refugees. He wants to create Medicare for All, a national health insurance program. His Green New Deal plans to switch the U.S. entirely to renewable energy, creating new jobs. He would like to guarantee debt-free public colleges, support unions and expand Social Security benefits.


Age: 59

Hometown: Jefferson City

Internet: Steinman has no campaign website or social media presence.

Biographical information: Steinman was born and raised in Jefferson City by a single mother with the help of federal assistance. She earned a degree from Ashworth College Online and is going for her bachelor's degree as a paralegal at William Woods University. She has worked as an operations manager, dispatcher and safety director for trucking companies. She was also an administrative aide at the Missouri State Library for 12 years. She ran for the Missouri House of Representatives in 2014. She is married to candidate Leonard Steinman.

Priorities: Steinman wants to be a voice for Missouri’s veterans, and she serves as the state commander for the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. She feels she can identify with ordinary Missourians.


Age: 70

Hometown: New York City

Campaign website: None

Facebook: Henry Hewes 

Instagram: None

Biographical information: Henry Hewes, a real estate developer, ran for mayor of New York City as a Republican candidate in 1989. Most of his campaign funding came from the New York State Right to Life Party, according to the New York Times. Hewes ran for U.S. Senate in 1994 and for president as a Republican in 2016.

Priorities: Hewes identifies himself as an anti-abortion Democrat in the 2020 presidential election. He opposes the death penalty.


Age: 45

Hometown: Schenectady, New York

Campaign website:

Facebook: @andrewyang2020

Instagram: @Andrewyang2020 

Twitter: @AndrewYang 

Biographical information: Andrew Yang earned a bachelor's degree from Brown University before completing law school at Columbia University. He began working at a series of startups and in 2011 founded his company Venture for America, a non-profit that creates jobs in economically struggling areas.

Priorities: Yang dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary on Feb. 11. His priority issue was the Freedom Dividend. On his campaign website, Yang describes it as a universal basic income. He wants to give every American citizen $1,000 a month as a means of redistributing the profits of companies that use machinery to do work historically done by humans.  Yang's website says "The Freedom Dividend—funded by a simple Value Added Tax—would guarantee that all Americans benefit from automation, not just big companies. The Freedom Dividend would provide money to cover the basics for Americans while enabling us to look for a better job, start our own business, go back to school, take care of our loved ones or work towards our next opportunity." 


Age: 75

Hometown: San Diego

Campaign website:

Facebook: @JoinRocky

Instagram: @joinrocky

Twitter: @JoinRocky

Biographical information: Roque De La Fuente earned his bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from Instituto Patria de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico in Mexico City. He then studied business administration and accounting at the University of San Diego. He also founded American Automotive Management & Services, where he began his first car franchise.

Priorities: De La Fuente’s priority issues are health care, immigration, the economy, education and the environment. He plans on lowering the cost of health care, reforming immigration, increasing the small business economy and performing an audit on the Department of Education to figure out how to lower the cost of education in the U.S.


Age: 56

Hometown: Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Campaign website:

Facebook: @JohnKDelaneyJKD

Instagram: @johndelaney

Twitter: @johndelaney

Biographical information: Delaney went to college at Columbia University and attended Georgetown for law school. By the age of 40, Delaney had started two businesses listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He has been in political office since 2012 as a U.S. congressman from Maryland.

Priorities: Delaney withdrew from the presidential race on Jan. 31. Delaney supports universal health care, LGBTQ equality and methods to combat the opioid epidemic, according to his website. He believes the U.S. should create a Department of Cybersecurity. While in Congress, he proposed an affordable housing plan that he says he would implement as president. 


Age: 45

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Campaign website:

Instagram: @juliancastrotx

Twitter: @juliancastro

Biographical information: Castro was raised on the west side of San Antonio. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science and communications from Stanford University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. He served as mayor of San Antonio from 2009 to 2014 and as secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2017. He and his wife, Erica, have a daughter and a son. His identical twin brother is U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro, D-San Antonio.

Priorities: Castro dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary Jan. 2. Castro supports "Medicare for All" and a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. His campaign released plans that include universal pre-K education, renewing the 1994 federal "assault weapons" ban that expired in 2004 and rejoining the Paris Climate Accords to lower global carbon emissions. 


Age: 63

Hometown: Chicago

Campaign website:

Facebook: @DevalPatrick

Instagram: @devalpatrick

Twitter: @DevalPatrick

Biographical information: Patrick was raised on the south side of Chicago by his mother and now lives in Massachusetts. He earned bachelor's and law degrees at Harvard University. Patrick joined the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and led the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He served as the assistant attorney general for civil rights under President Bill Clinton. He also served as Massachusetts' first black governor from 2007 to 2015.

Priorities: Patrick suspended his campaign following the New Hampshire primary. Patrick supports opportunity agendas such as rebuilding infrastructure and funding education. He also wanted to reform platforms such as health care, the criminal justice system and taxes in the United States, according to his website. He would propose "universal national service, a paid opportunity for all 17- and 18-year-olds to provide military or civilian service, and new opportunities for older Americans to serve." Patrick also wants to make voting more accessible.


Age: 67

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Campaign website:

Biographical information: Williamson attended Pomona College in California for two years. Her career focuses on non-denominational spirituality, inspired by spiritual text "A Course in Miracles." She has published 13 self-help books and will release her 14th this spring. Williamson is involved in non-profit work, including founding Project Angel Food, which delivered meals to homebound people with AIDS in L.A. She also co-founded The Peace Alliance and worked on the board for RESULTS. 

Priorities: Williamson has dropped out of the presidential race. Her campaign focused on remedying racial injustice through reparations, creating a U.S. Department of Peace and a U.S. Department of Children and Youth and redirecting wealth to reduce poverty. She also wanted to reform the health care system to make health care more affordable and reduce its need through the implementation of stricter policies on food quality and an emphasis on healthy lifestyles.


Age: 55

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Campaign website:

Facebook: @michaelbennet

Instagram: @michaelbennet

Biographical information: Bennet was born in New Delhi, India, where his father worked for the U.S. State Department, before moving to Washington, D.C. Bennet attended Yale Law School and has a bachelor's degree in history from Wesleyan University. He was the superintendent of Denver Public Schools and represents Colorado in the U.S. Senate.

Priorities: Bennet suspended his presidential campaign effective Feb. 11. Bennet said his agenda, dubbed The Real Deal, would rebuild the middle class and end childhood poverty. It would also expand educational opportunities and tackle issues in infrastructure, climate change and immigration. He wanted to increase taxes on the wealthy. Bennet advocated for affordable college, offering more assistance to low-income families and reforming the immigration system.


Age: 78

Hometown: Boston

Campaign website:

Facebook: @TeamMike2020

Instagram: @mikebloomberg

Biographical information: Bloomberg has a master's degree in business administration from Harvard Business and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from John Hopkins University. He founded financial data service Bloomberg LP, which earned him part of his fortune. Bloomberg served as mayor of New York for three terms, from 2001 to 2013.

Priorities: Bloomberg wants to boost the economy with his All-In Economy agenda, which focuses on finding people good jobs with the right wages. He wants to create more protections for the environment, including cutting economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions in half. He also emphasizes banning assault weapons and expanding the Affordable Care Act to create cheaper healthcare.


Age: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Campaign website: None

Instagram: None

Twitter: None

Biographical information: Burke, a former St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee chair of New York, also ran for president in 2016. Burke is also an insurance adjuster, farmer and environmentalist. He lives in New York state. He loves ranching and raising cattle.

Priorities: Burke wants to eradicate costly drugs and expensive health insurance, set up a tariff-free farm program, a clean energy job program and realize job training for every able-bodied adult. He says he will stick with problems until they are solved and strive to make every American happy.


Age: 52

Hometown: Bartow, Georgia

Campaign website:

Facebook: Robby Wells 

Biographical information: Wells is an ambassador to and spokesman for the International Human Rights Peace Commission. He was a football coach from 1990 to 2009. He earned his master’s degree in adult education at the University of South Carolina and a bachelor's degree in health and physical education from Furman University. He joined the Army National Guard in 2006. He also ran for presidency in 2016.

Priorities: Wells calls his platform “Eaglenomics” and says he would take the best ideas from the left and right wings of American politics. He also wants to promote global and sustainable energy plans, universal child care and free undergraduate college tuition.


Age: 52

Hometown: St. Louis

Campaign website:

Instagram: None

Twitter: None

Biographical information: Haas was an assistant law director in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Harvard Law School. He is a former candidate for St. Louis mayor, Missouri congressional seats and other offices. He was elected to the St. Louis School Board in 1997, according to his website.

Priorities: He hopes to protect Social Security and Medicare, set up a violence prevention hotline, ensure all children are reading at grade-level by third grade, end animal abuse on factory farms and end income inequality.

Missourian reporters Will Skipworth, Skyler Rossi, Lianna Kowalke, Baylee Konen, Hayley Vawter, Skylar Laird, and Frida Qi contributed to this report.

  • I've been a reporter and editor at Missouri community newspapers for 35 years and joined the Columbia Missourian in 2003. My emphasis at the Missourian is on local government and elections. You can reach me at or at 573-884-5366.

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