About 30 students walked in solidarity Friday to mark the end of Black Homecoming events held by the Legion of Black Collegians.

The event was held in collaboration with Four Front, a council at MU that aims to give marginalized student groups a voice on campus.

Kiessence Bassett, a co-chair of Four Front, introduced the solidarity walk as a way to show love and unity to the marginalized groups on campus.

“We are taking a step back from protests to come together in solidarity,” Bassett told the participants before the walk.

The march started at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center and ended at the Columns, where participants formed a circle to yell chants and share experiences the participants have had with the culture center and other social justice centers.

Along the way, participants stopped in the basement of the student center to have a moment of reflection upon the pandemic, protests and other events from the last year and a half.

The students and faculty were led across campus by Isaiah Jackson, a member of the Legion of Black Collegians. He, with the help of Bassett, led the chants.

The one Jackson said stands out to him the most is a line written by Civil Rights activist Assata Shakur that says, “We must love and support one another.”

“I feel like that’s just the perfect line for solidarity. It’s that even if you don’t understand what that person is going through, knowing that you still love and support that person for who they are and for their struggles is super important,” Jackson said.

The solidarity walk started in 2018. It took a pause last year because of the pandemic.

“It is integral to the continuation of social justice and change at the university that we continue to have events like this so that people can come out and feel like they have a place to celebrate homecoming traditions at the university,” said Joseph Brown, a senior and president of the Mizzou chapter of the NAACP.

  • Higher Education Reporter, fall 2021

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