The MU administration is pressing forward with pay cuts for some tenured faculty at the School of Medicine, despite concerns raised by MU Faculty Council members.

The Faculty Council is meeting on Thursday for the second time this school year. Kathleen Trauth, the newly elected chair of the Faculty Council, said the council will be reviewing a document that outlines the process for creating new guidelines to review 9-month faculty members.

This comes after the controversial implementation of policies related to 12-month workload professors, where there was a reduction of salary for some tenured professors in the medical school.

A policy allowing for pay cuts for certain tenured faculty was created by the university in 2020. The policy was implemented in the spring of 2021 because of COVID-19.

In July, the Faculty Council requested that “the Chancellor delay implementation of any and all policies related to the reduction of the Tenured Faculty salaries and/or reduction in Tenured Faculty contract length for at least one fiscal year.”

President Mun Choi reviewed this resolution and sent an email response to the Faculty Council on Aug. 25.

"I am confident in the process that has been implemented for 12-month appointments, and do not wish to delay implementation," he wrote. 

Now, faculty members under 9-month appointments will undergo a "collaborative process" where they will work with deans and department chairs of their colleges, Choi said. Trauth said that this may still include possible salary reductions for 9-month workload faculty members.

She also said that through this process, she hopes to include diversity, equity and inclusion in the way faculty are reviewed.

“I think a lot of people are working on these issues, but we haven’t necessarily had a way to recognize them,” she said.

Last week, Trauth said that the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council met with Provost Latha Ramchand about the 9-month faculty review process. The Executive Committee members agreed to meet with their constituents, the faculty of the university, and have another meeting with the Provost in a few weeks once they have collected questions.

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