The MU Police Department and Columbia Police Department are investigating several reports of drinks being drugged throughout Columbia, according to a news release Friday.

Some of the incidents might have occurred at fraternity events, according to the release.

MUPD recommended tactics for avoiding drinks being drugged, including watching food and drinks being made or opened, never leaving a drink unattended, implementing a buddy system with a friend or group of friends and getting help immediately when experiencing symptoms.

A person who has been drugged might:

  • Have difficulty breathing.
  • Feel drunk despite drinking little to no alcohol.
  • Experience sudden nausea.
  • Experience a sudden change in body temperature, potentially even to the point of sweating or chattering teeth.
  • Become dizzy or disoriented or have blurred vision.
  • Wake up with no recent memory.

Anyone with information about an incident should contact the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX, MUPD or CPD.

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