COLUMBIA — A person identified as having disrupted a Legion of Black Collegians Royalty Court rehearsal has been removed from the MU campus by the Office of Student Conduct while a conduct process is completed, according to an update Tuesday morning from the MU Provost.

The individual was not identified in the email update but is a student, MU spokesman Christian Basi confirmed.

Students who might have violated the MU Student Code of Conduct have to undergo the disciplinary process through the MU Office of Student Conduct. Students could go through an informal disposition where an initial decision is made by a conduct officer on whether the student violated the student conduct code and will be subject to potential sanctions; then the student can accept or not accept the decision, Basi said.

If the student decides to reject the decision, he or she could request a formal disposition where the incident would go before a panel of no less than five people, two of which would be students, Basi said. If the student does not agree with the decision of the panel, he or she could then appeal that decision. That appeal would go to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs, according to the Office of Student Conduct website.

The Office of Student Conduct could also choose to start the process with a formal disposition. Either party could request a formal disposition at any point in the process, Basi said.

Ultimately, the student would be given a deadline to complete the sanctions, the website stated. Possible sanctions range from a verbal warning to expulsion, Basi said.

While the conduct process is underway, the student will have a hold on his or her student account.

In order to protect the student’s privacy under FERPA, how the student was removed from campus, where the student now is and whether the student can still attend classes could not be disclosed, Basi said.

The incident occurred late Sunday night, according to previous Missourian reporting. During the LBC rehearsal for a Homecoming performance called "Mis-Educated," a man interrupted and, when asked to leave, directed racial slurs at the court.

The student was identified thanks to the quick reporting of the LBC court and the willingness of students to speak with MU Police, according to the email update. 

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  • Veronike Collazo is a Missourian public life reporter for fall 2015. She has also worked as a copy editor in the past. She is studying news reporting and political science with a minor in women and gender studies. You can reach her at vachzc@mail.missouri

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