COLUMBIA — Members of Concerned Student 1950 met privately with UM System President Tim Wolfe on Monday, but the student group said the president did not agree to any of the demands the group set forth last week, including a handwritten apology and his removal from office.

During MU's Homecoming Parade on Oct. 10, the group of student activists stopped Wolfe’s car at the intersection of University Avenue and Ninth Street to condemn MU's history of racism.

The protesters were visibly distressed by the crowd's reaction. A video of the incident shows bystanders heckling them and Wolfe's car bumping a member of the group. The student activists said Wolfe did not respond to their concerns while he was in the car.

During Monday’s meeting, which took place 16 days after the parade, Wolfe “did not mention any plan of action to address the demands or help us work together to create a more safe and inclusive campus,” according to a statement by Concerned Student 1950.

At the meeting, “Wolfe verbally acknowledged that he cared for Black students at the University of Missouri, however he also reported he was ‘not completely’ aware of systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy on campus,” the statement said. “Not understanding these systems of oppression therefore renders him incapable of effectively performing his core duties.”

UM System spokesman John Fougere confirmed that Wolfe met with the student group.

“The meeting was one of many ongoing meetings the president is having to engage multiple, diverse voices in an effort to understand the scope of the issue as it affects all four UM System campuses,” Fougere said in an email.

Racism has recently been a major point of campuswide dialogue at MU. Since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson more than a year ago, students on campus have rallied around issues of student safety, cultural misunderstanding and what they perceive as denial and lack of administrative leadership. A series of racial insults this fall brought matters to a head.

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