The Goodwill Excel Center is a free public high school where those over 21 years old can earn a high school diploma after meeting a 24-credit requirement, said the school's director, Mike Reynolds. It will also feature a cafeteria and free, on-site child care. 


Educators want the state to reexamine the criteria for the 30-year-old A+ scholarship program so students who may not qualify _ often through no fault of their own _ would have a better chance at getting the money.

The goal is to get students off their phones and iPads and interacting with each other. Internet access for educational reasons will remain.


Rock Bridge's Assistant Principal Lisa Nieuwenhuizen said Jump Start Day helps lower the anxiety some new students may experience when transitioning schools. "We've got them," she said. "We're going to take care of them, and they are going to love it here."

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