Sporting a butterfly cape, Kim Dude-Lammy was the line leader of the 2021 Kindness Walk on Saturday.

Butterflies are an important symbol for Children’s Grove, a local nonprofit organization committed to the health and well-being of children. Children’s Grove hosted the event celebrating the completion of a new mural at Flat Branch Park. Starting at 1 p.m., about 40 people of all ages strolled from the Flat Branch mural to Alley A, where another Children’s Grove mural was completed in 2019.

The new artwork, surrounded by the park’s trees near a quiet stream, displays an array of brightly colored figures interacting. It’s complete with flowers and, of course, butterflies. Local artist Adrienne Luther painted it, with funding from Boone Electric Community Trust.

The choice to include different shapes and colors was intentional. Dude-Lammy, president of Children’s Grove, said the mural expresses people of “all different kinds of races and religions and abilities” playing together.

After the walk, people enjoyed a reception outside Speckled Frog Toys & Books. They snacked on butterfly-shaped cookies and tried on their new tote bags and face masks, which read “Kindness changes everything.”

How do those in attendance like to show kindness? Seven-year-old Axel Crane said he plays with his peers who might not have a friend to play with.

“We just like to reach out and help support the community and try to join activities like this if we can,” said Axel’s mother, Kelly Crane, after capturing a few photos of her son in front of the butterfly mural in Alley A. Axel gave the Kindness Walk two thumbs up — he’d give it 100 thumbs up if he had 100 arms, he said.

The butterfly’s significance relates to how the flapping of its wings could cause a current that’s felt across the planet, similar to how one act of kindness can create a big change.

“The walk itself is not going to solve a problem, but the whole concept of what it symbolizes is what could change the world,” Dude-Lammy said.

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