Crystal Evetts and Sarah Young-Niemeier lauch off from Cooper's Landing

Crystal Evetts and Sarah Young-Niemeier of the Paddle Angels launch off Cooper’s Landing to finish the rest of the Missouri American Water MR340 river race in July 2017 in Columbia.

The organizers of Missouri River 340, a competitive paddle boat race across the state, announced Friday that the event would be postponed due to flooding.

Race director Scott Mansker announced the delay to the MR340 Facebook group page Friday morning.

Mansker wrote the river would still be in a “dangerous condition,” through July 16-19, the event’s originally scheduled dates.

With the river rising as high as the tree lines in parts of the route, it would be impossible for paddlers to navigate the water safely, Mansker wrote.

Mansker went on to write that he was unable to share the new date for MR340 until the organizers know more.

“This is, at this point, a math problem,” Mansker wrote. “All that water has to get to the Gulf and it all has to go through St. Charles to do it.”

Mansker wrote in the Facebook post that the race would take place in either August or September, depending on the river’s water levels over the next few weeks.

The director wrote that they hope to announce the new date by July 1.

“When we race it will be some good news for a river that has had very little good news this year,” Mansker wrote.

Paddlers have the option to participate in the rescheduled race later this summer or defer their registration until 2020.

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