When sculptor Kirsten Angerbauer contemplated the True/False Film Fest theme for 2020 — foresight — she was reminded of imagery from her childhood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I started thinking about temples and places like cathedrals and churches as a place of reflection,” Angerbauer said.

Angerbauer’s piece “the temple (a physical investigation of the fruitless pursuit of meaning),” is one of several pieces of art being displayed at the festival this weekend. The sculpture is three separate pieces; as the artist put it, it’s “three structures, one temple.”

Angerbauer and her friend Nicole Chochrek fought against the powerful afternoon wind Thursday to set up the sculpture. The piece consists of hundreds of components. There were around 300 to 400 total parts before welding, Angerbauer said.

Working on a complex project with so many pieces requires a lot of organization. Angerbauer’s method involved marking the pieces with sharpie and a lot of tape.

“It’s a big system; I should have made an excel sheet or something,” she laughed.

Angerbauer learned about the film festival through a former professor who had been involved a couple years ago. Angerbauer helped to install the professor’s work and decided to fill out an application this year to display her own piece.

For many artists like Angerbauer, coming to the film festival allows them a time and space to be a full-time artist.

“I’m excited to have a week off work to be able to be an artist for a week,” Angerbauer said.

Angerbauer’s work, located in The Sculpture Yard on Ninth Street, will be up Thursday through the end of the festival Sunday. Her work joins 20 other art installations available to festival-goers.

“I’m excited to see the films and the people and hang out and not be at work this week,” she said.

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