COLUMBIA — Attorneys for the family of a cyclist killed in October 2013 have reached an agreement with legal counsel for the truck driver who struck him and the driver's employee. 

Judge Christine Carpenter will decide Monday morning whether to approve the proposed settlement in Boone County Circuit Court. Matthew Woods, the attorney representing plaintiff Latoshia Hayes, mother of the cyclist's daughter, said the agreement was reached after a standard process, and he hopes the judge approves it. 

"There’s no reason why (she) shouldn’t sustain it," he said.

Woods said he could not comment on the terms of the settlement.

Ennis Marquis Patrick, 36, was killed Oct. 26, 2013, while riding his bike along the shoulder of Interstate 70. Hayes filed a wrongful death lawsuit in May 2014 on behalf of their daughter, a minor.

David Thompson, a commercial driver for YRC, Inc., hit Patrick with his semitrailer. A police investigation determined that Thompson did not commit a crime. Thompson didn't stop after he struck Patrick, but he later reported to police that he knew he had struck something, according to previous Missourian reporting.

At first, police responded to reports a dead deer near the highway, and two officers confirmed that the report was consistent with what they saw, so no further action was taken. After receiving more calls that blood and clothes were strewn about near the spot of the collision, police officers were dispatched again, this time finding Patrick's body.

Patrick wasn't identified until four days later after DNA testing, according to previous Missourian reporting.

Hayes said in the lawsuit that Thompson and his employer were responsible for Patrick's death and for causing pain, suffering and emotional distress on their daughter, according to previous Missourian reporting.

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