A cloud of smoke obscures an MU student's face

A cloud of smoke obscures an MU student’s face as he poses for a portrait with his JUUL on Aug. 31, 2018, in Columbia. The student first tried a JUUL that summer and now at that time used the product on a daily basis.

A report on vaping by Columbia/Boone County Board of Health concluded that the health effects on teens are so harmful and far-reaching that the city needs to restrict its use within the adolescent age group.

The report was submitted by the Board of Health to the City Council on Monday night and includes three recommendations: ban flavored vaping products, prevent retail vape shops from operating near high schools and middle schools and consider a higher tax on e-cigarettes.

  • Anna is an assistant city editor and covers the 13th Circuit Court. She can be reached by aewytn@umsystem.edu, @fromaew or in the newsroom.

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