Organizations hoping to apply for CARES Act funding will be able to access a user-friendly online portal within a few weeks to submit requests, Boone County District II Commissioner Janet Thompson said in a meeting Friday afternoon.

“The one thing we do know is that, come 2021, auditors will be coming out into the field to make sure that those CARES Act monies have been expended in accordance with the law,” Thompson said.

According to previous Missourian reporting, Boone County received $21.2 million out of the $2.8 billion allocated to Missouri from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. The allocation of funds will be mostly dedicated to reimbursing pandemic-related expenditures, though organizations and agencies can also submit plans for programs in advance.

Thompson said the funds from the CARES Act must be expended by the end of December or the money will be returned.

Thompson also discussed plans for the Boone County Bicentennial Celebration, which were revised following adjustments due to COVID-19. Original plans included a Fourth of July Birthday Bash and a series of festivals, which have since been modified.

“We took what we had planned to do for our Bicentennial Celebration and really changed it in a way that I hope will allow people to celebrate our history and to celebrate where we want to go at the end of the day,” Thompson said.

Instead, a series of four videos will be released from the Boone County Historical Society starting in September to showcase Boone County’s history and culture. The videos will feature a story about Missouri settlers in the 1820s, a performance about historic women from Boone County, a display of the bicentennial mural named “Treasures of Boone County” and a performance from the Kay Brothers Band.

To close the festivities, a celebratory monument will be unveiled along the Katy Trail on Nov. 16, the day Boone County was officially founded. The event is subject to change because of the ongoing pandemic.

Thompson is running for a third term as county commissioner.

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