COLUMBIA – After an eight month period of renovations, the Boone Hospital Center staff honored the completion of their new facilities Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony and walking tour Friday afternoon.

The six-part project began in March and ended on schedule and under budget. Additions to the hospital include a new pain management clinic, foundation office, spiritual/prayer room, volunteer space with a healing garden, chapel and customer relations office.

"It's all about the continual process of improving care and the components of care, which are the facilities," hospital president Jim Sinek said in his opening speech.

All of the new facilities are located near the main entrance of the hospital across from the gift shop, and most rooms branch off an extended corridor.

According to a press release from the hospital, the renovations totaled $2.1 million and will allow the hospital to treat more patients. The pain management clinic has doubled from its previous size, enabling more people to use the recovery rooms.

"The pain clinic significantly enhances our physicians," Sinek said. "When they have an issue that maybe goes beyond their expertise or their specialty, that's when a pain management specialist gets involved and takes over part of that care. They work as a team."

During his remarks, Fred Parry, chairman on the hospital's Board of Trustees, spoke about the hospital's intentions for the new chapel. He said it will be a refuge for all who use it, in sorrow and in joy, regardless of their religion.

"The investment in the new chapel sends a strong message that the hospital believes in the power of prayer, the importance of quiet solitude and the need for reflection," Parry said.

Sinek said people in the hospital will benefit from having a quiet room to go to when they need to contemplate serious and challenging situations.

While Friday's ceremony marked the completion of this round of projects, Boone Hospital Center is quickly continuing with another addition.

Three months ago, the hospital broke ground on an up-and-coming project at Nifong and Forum boulevards to create an "outpatient campus." The 14- acre facility will provide a multitude of specialty services in a location that is more convenient for residents of southwestern Columbia.

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