Cathy Richards has announced that she is making a bid as a Republican in the November election to become the state representative for the 46th District.  

In 2016, Richards ran for the same seat but lost in the Democratic primary to Martha Stevens, who ultimately prevailed in the general election. Stevens now represents the 46th District in the state House of Representatives. 

Richards, who served as the Boone County public administrator from 2008 through 2016, was elected twice to that office as a Democrat.

About the reasoning behind her decision to switch parties for the upcoming election, she said in a news release, "I've chosen to run as a Republican because the Democratic Party has abandoned moderates like me. Unless you're a radical or liberal activist, you need not apply to serve."

She said she took stock of her values and determined that she was a moderate Republican. 

"I'll be a staunch advocate for our schools, for our colleges and universities, and for our local businesses," she said. "I'm not an activist — I'm a public servant and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, put aside partisan differences, and get to work for our community."

Richards is a lifelong Boone County resident. Married to her husband, Michael, for 21 years, they have four children and seven grandchildren. Cathy Richards is a graduate of Columbia College, William Woods University and Stephens College.  

The 46th District lies in the heart of Boone County, encompassing much of Columbia.