A medical marijuana practice is set to open three clinics next month that will offer free evaluations to veterans during its first month of operations.

Missouri Marijuana Card will be expanding to St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield in early July. Connor Shore, the organization’s president, said the expansion will reduce the economic burdens for Missourians to get medical marijuana.

“We’ve witnessed firsthand in Ohio how many veterans use medical marijuana to alleviate PTSD symptoms, but unfortunately, the lack of insurance coverage has made access prohibitively expensive for some,” Shore said.

Founded in 2018, the practice has 12 locations in Ohio, where it has served approximately 18,000 patients, according to Missouri Marijuana Card spokesman Joshua Powell.

Powell said the organization decided to expand to Missouri after voters approved medical marijuana in November 2018.

“We felt like it was the perfect time to get in and start staking a place out in Missouri,” Powell said.

Medical marijuana will be available for purchase at licensed dispensaries as early as January 2020, according to the Missouri Department of Health.

In order to purchase medical marijuana in the state of Missouri, one must gain approval from a certified doctor to get a card.

According to Missouri Marijuana Card’s website, a valid form of identification such as a driver’s license or state ID card is required, as well as medical records noting the condition for which the card is being sought. Both will need to be provided at the evaluation appointment.

Benefits to having a card include dispensary access, legal protection and reciprocity access in other states with similar regulations, according to the Missouri Marijuana Card website.

In order to obtain a card at one of the new clinics, patients must provide medical documentation that reflects one of the state’s qualifying conditions. Once the clinic confirms the diagnosis, doctors will then guide the patient through the process of securing a medical card from the Department of Health.

The company’s goal is to open more locations within the state once the first three locations are established.

“We are always looking for opportunities to see which states have a need that we can fill,” Powell said. “This is something that we wanted to do to show the people of Missouri that we are with them and we’re behind them.”

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