MR340 race volunteers help participants carry their boats

MR340 race volunteers help participants carry their boats out of the river on Wednesday at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale, Missouri. Friends and family at the checkpoint parked their cars in the grass and waited for the racers to arrive.

HUNTSDALE, Missouri — Paddlers who had endured 187 miles of the MR340 race — over half the total distance of the Missouri River course — paused on the river's bank at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale throughout the day Wednesday. 

The MR340 is a 340-mile boat race along the river, from Kansas City to St. Charles. Participants can spend up to 88 hours on the water. Eight checkpoints, including the one at Katfish Katy's, provide safety, participant tracking, food, shelter and rest for racers.

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