The Integrated Electric Resource and Master Plan Task Force finalized recommendations Tuesday to be presented to the City Council.

The meeting came after a public input session on Oct. 28 so the task force could consider those comments in making changes to the final draft.

A large portion of the public input urged the task force to recommend that the city reach 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The wording of the report at the time suggested reaching 100% by the “earliest practical date.”

The task force ultimately decided Tuesday to change the language to say the city should reach 100% renewable energy at “the earliest achievable date while considering affordability.”

Most task force members agreed that it was irresponsible to go ahead with the 2030 date without a clear plan for how to achieve that goal. It would be virtually impossible to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 while maintaining the Renewable Energy Ordinance’s rule of not increasing electrical rates by more than 3% each year, they agreed.

Task force member Kim Fallis mentioned that members of the public may want to be at 100% renewable energy by 2030, but not want to double or triple their electrical rates in the process in order to meet that goal.

Task force member Philip Fracica advocated for strengthening the language to be more urgent, taking into account that while they will be moving as close to 100% renewable as possible before 2030, they need to keep rates under a 3% increase annually.

The task force also added a clarifying sentence about the probability of load shedding, which is rolling power reductions done by the city. The report explains that Siemens found scenarios that could result in the need for load shedding

The original report said that these could happen every 100-200 years. Task force member David Switzer made a motion to add this sentence: “This is equivalent to a .5-1% chance of occurrence in any year.” That language was adopted.

The task force also voted on the addition of more minority opinions, and one was approved. Task force member Tom O’Connor added a minority opinion expressing that the city should look into non-wire solutions before spending millions on transmission lines and outdated energy systems.

The task force was created to help with planning for the city’s new Integrated Electric Resource and Master Plan.

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