After a COVID-19-prompted staffing shortage cancelled an earlier event, a Household Hazardous Waste collection event will be held from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, said Matt Nestor, the city community relations specialist. 

“The hazardous waste drop-off will be fully staffed Saturday,” Nestor said. 

From acids to photographic chemicals to wood varnish, Columbia residents can safely dispose of their toxic, corrosive, combustible and reactive refuse at the collection site, 1313 Lakeview Ave. 

“It’s the last one of the season,” Nestor said. 

Hazardous waste is not picked up by curbside services. 

A full list of common hazardous products and safety procedures can be found on the utilities webpage. 

The Solid Waste Utility cautions to not bring children or pets to the facility. Wear protective gloves, avoid mixing hazardous materials and place securely fastened, properly labelled products into cardboard boxes during transport. 

The city waste management has been dealing with staffing problems for years.

In July, the Missourian reported the suspension of curbside recycling because of the dearth of worker’s with commercial driver’s licenses and the low demand of plastics #3 through #7 due to international bans impelled by pandemic pressures. 

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