Federal investigators believe a man charged with filming patrons in a Columbia Public Library restroom and with multiple counts of rape and sodomy has fled to Iceland.

Jay Paul Robinson, 42, is charged with fleeing to avoid prosecution. A complaint filed in U.S. District Court by FBI special agent Cody Abram on Wednesday alleges he flew to Iceland in August to avoid prosecution for multiple sex crimes.

Robinson was arrested in August after library staff discovered a hidden camera in a unisex restroom. Images on the camera showed men, women and children using the restroom and Robinson concealing it.

Police later obtained warrants to search Robinson's home, his computer and his cell phone. Abram's complaint said the searches "revealed several disturbing images of sexual assault, forcible rape, sodomy and invasion of privacy. He had allegedly drugged and raped one victim multiple times," the complaint said.

In all, Robinson faces one count of forcible rape, eight counts of forcible sodomy, three counts of sodomy or attempted sodomy, nine counts of invasion of privacy and 12 counts of invasion of privacy.

The FBI complaint said investigators learned that Robinson booked a flight from Chicago to Reykjavik, Iceland, on Aug. 5. His ex-wife gave Columbia police an email that Robinson sent her the day before.

"I fear you have no idea how bad this is going to get," he wrote. "I am meeting an attorney Monday morning. I am pretty certain I am going to be going away for a long time. There is no way to undo the hurt and disgustingness I have caused. At least this will keep me from causing more damage.... Please tell our kids I love them. Because I really do."

The complaint said there is a possibility Robinson is working in Iceland as a handy-man. He withdrew money from a shared business account before his flight.

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