Two longtime radio hosts will be stepping down from their posts at KOPN/89.5 FM this week.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Woody Adkins announced that the last episode of his “The Real Deal Country Show” will air Monday.

Adkins’ reasoning? Stationwide programming changes that would “allow them the opportunity to reach a bigger audience with consistent, quality programming.”

As a result of restructuring, Adkins would be reassigned from 3 to 6 p.m. Mondays, a time slot he’s held for a dozen years, from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturdays. 

In his post, Adkins wrote that his new slot “isn't the worst… but after 12 years of working to build up a following on Mondays it would almost be like starting over.”

Adkins’ announcement came as a surprise to management, according to General Manager Miquel Calçada.

“(Adkins) was scheduled. ... He had agreed to do Saturday, and he also agreed to (share) some parts of his program with another volunteer,” Calçada said.

In his post, Adkins emphasized that his listeners “not contact KOPN with any thoughts about the changes as they relate to my show” and that his departure was his decision and that he has “no plans to change my mind.”

Another KOPN host, Patrick Keenan, also announced in a Facebook post on Friday that his show, “Pat’s Power Pop & Punk Hours,” would be ending after more than two decades because of scheduling conflicts.

Like Adkins, Keenan emphasized that there is no bad blood.

“I AM on good terms with the station manager… I WILL be back, but after over 21 years, I need a break”

Keenan's last show will be Friday.

Regarding the “changes” Adkins and Keenan alluded to in their posts, the president of KOPN’s board of directors, Linda Day, clarified that any alterations are to make KOPN’s schedule more cohesive.

“Our schedule becomes an artifact of programmers coming and programmers going, so the schedule gets out of order and becomes inconvenient for listeners," Day said. ... “We have to go in and reorganize it back to a predictable programming schedule, which is what we're doing now.”

KOPN will announce its new schedule — with some local programming expected to either remain in place or shift slots — this upcoming week during its Summer Pledge Drive. The event runs Tuesday through Friday.

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