COLUMBIA — Mizzou Hillel has postponed plans to redevelop its Jewish campus center building into a student housing complex. 

"Hillel is choosing to delay our project so that we can make sure we fully address comments and concerns," Mizzou Hillel executive director Jeanne Snodgrass wrote in an email Saturday night. "We are still committed to our project and excited about the opportunities a new Hillel building will offer." 

Hillel has been working with Trittenbach Development to build a six-story structure with space for Hillel below 275 beds in 70 three- and four-bedroom apartments, according to previous Missourian reporting.

Snodgrass previously told the Missourian that Hillel approached Trittenbach Development almost two years ago about the possibility of redevelopment. Construction was slated to start in the summer and be completed by fall 2017. 

Hillel's planning pause occurs ahead of Monday's City Council meeting, which features the introduction of an ordinance to create an administrative delay in the building permit process for downtown apartments until Dec. 1. The ordinance was drafted at the request of Mayor Brian Treece and cites the following factors:

  • "Unprecedented growth in the construction of off-campus student housing complexes"
  • MU's projected enrollment drop of about 1,500 students in fall 2016
  • The prevalence of "single purpose built student housing complexes" in the downtown area
  • The stress placed by apartment complexes on the city's parking, electric, water, sewer, public safety and roadway infrastructure.

The ordinance would not apply to projects for which building permit applications were submitted to the city's Community Development Department by May 16, the same day that the bill would be in front of the City Council for discussion and a vote. It would not affect the demolition permit process.

The area facing a freeze on apartment construction surrounds the MU campus in a rough circle with a radius of about a mile.

The ordinance would give the council the option to allow building permits for projects in that area to be issued under some circumstances when infrastructure is sufficient or will be sufficient when the project is finished and when the construction "will not be otherwise detrimental to the health, safety and general welfare of the city."

Student apartments construction freeze area

An ordinance that would create an administrative delay in the building permit process for downtown apartments until Dec. 1 is set to be introduced in Monday's City Council meeting. This map, included in the proposed ordinance documents, details the area that would see the construction freeze. It's portrayed as the outer green radius, a one mile extension from the area bounded on the north by Elm Street, the west by Providence Road, the south by Stadium Drive and the east by College Avenue.

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