A new security camera sits on the corner of Ninth and Elm

Four new security cameras sit on the corner of Ninth and Elm streets Wednesday in Columbia. The new cameras are part of a security upgrade in response to student feedback.

MU has installed eight new security cameras at the north edge of its campus near downtown Columbia.

There are four cameras on the corner of Ninth and Elm streets, three cameras near the corner of Elm and Hitt streets and one camera near Paquin and Hitt streets.

The cameras are part of a “security upgrade” in response to student feedback from the past year, said MU spokesperson Christian Basi.

He said students were requesting updated security resources. He added that the university has added cameras as it has had the financial resources to do so.

Basi noted that other areas on campus have additional cameras, including Francis Quadrangle and Stankowski Field.

While Basi didn’t point to specifics, the Columbia Police Department has reported incidents in the area.

On April 24, a carjacking with a gun took place at Hitt Street parking garage. On Oct. 1, witnesses reported a single shot fired at the intersection of Elm and South Ninth streets.

Basi was not able to provide dates of when the decision to install cameras was made, nor was he able to give the cost of the project. He said the process began at least a year ago.

“Safety at our campus is our top priority,” he said. “There are all different types of ways that our students and campus community should have a safe environment.”

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