Tyrone McClain Jr. turned himself into the Boone County Jail on Saturday morning after escaping from Reality House.

McClain was one of three inmates who escaped this month. The other two inmates remain at large.

On Nov. 14, staff at Reality House saw Lawrence Marquelle Johnson, 35, escape through the facility’s recreation yard and run toward Crescent Meadows Trailer Park at 1800 E. Prathersville Road, according to a Boone County Sheriff’s Department news release

On Nov. 16, detainees Tyrone Darell McClain Jr., 28, and Jamale Ewayne Marteen, 37, escaped the same way.

McClain was being held on multiple charges, including a possession of drug paraphernalia misdemeanor, a 2nd degree burglary felony and more.

McClain and the other two escapees now face an additional charge of escape from confinement.

According to previous Missourian reporting, since the escapes, the department will no longer use Reality House to detain prisoners. More than 20 county inmates have been transferred from Reality House to other detention facilities like the Cooper County Jail.

Anyone with information about any of the escapees’ whereabouts can call the Sheriff’s Department at 442-6131 or by dialing 311. 

  • Cey'na Smith is an education reporter for Fall 2020. She is studying Magazine Arts and Culture at The Missouri School of Journalism. Reach her at csscwd@mail.missouri.edu, or in the newsroom at 882-5700.

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