Investigators are trying to determine where a 28-year-old Fulton woman was during the evening hours the week before she was found dead in her home, Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jason Clark said Monday.

Shawnda Reed was found dead by two of her children shortly after 10 a.m. on June 7 in her Fulton home, near Tanglewood Golf Course.

Investigators from the Mid-Missouri Major Case squad are looking for information about Reed’s car, a four-door maroon 1991 Chevrolet Lumina with Missouri plates, and where she was the week before she died, Clark said.

“There are times during the week prior to her homicide that the investigative team does not know her whereabouts or what she was doing,” Clark said. “They might not mean anything, but they might mean everything.”

Police are calling Reed’s death a homicide, but they would not release a cause of death. An autopsy on Reed’s body was completed Thursday, Clark said.

Boone County Medical Examiner Valerie Rao declined to comment on the autopsy’s findings.

Investigators have followed more than 150 leads in the case, and 30 officers from 13 law enforcement agencies have been assigned to the investigation. The Mid-Missouri Major Case squad, which was activated shortly after Reed’s body was found, has been extended and will remain on the case until at least Wednesday, Clark said. He said he does not expect the squad to be reactivated past Wednesday.

Clark said investigators have looked into a possible connection between a May burglary at 3312 Tanglewood Way, near Reed’s home, and Reed’s death. He said investigators do not think the incidents are related.

On Monday, Clark said Reed’s ex-husband, Nickey Kmiec, has been excluded as a “person of interest” in the investigation.

“There is a possibility he could eventually be brought back, but that is highly unlikely,” he said. “We absolutely know for sure where he was at the time of the incident.”

Meanwhile, Reed’s mother has pursued her own legal efforts against her son-in-law; in court documents, she calls him a “suspect” in her daughter’s death.

Judith Slote was granted an order of protection against Reed’s husband, John T. Reed, in Cole County Circuit Court on June 9.

Slote also cited an order of protection filed by Shawnda Reed in 2001 against her husband, John, as a reason for requesting the order.

The order, which was served Monday, bars John Reed from having any contact with Shawnda Reed’s three children, unless he is granted permission by the Cole County Circuit Court. The children each have a different last name.

Two of the children are Reed’s stepchildren, and the other one is his biological child.

The Slote family declined to comment on the ex parte order or the homicide investigation.

Clark said the complaint filed by Slote has “no bearing” on the case. He said John Reed is still considered a person of interest but declined to call him a suspect in his wife’s death.

A child protection hearing for the case is scheduled for June 22.

Shawnda Reed’s funeral was Monday in Jefferson City.

Police are asking that anyone with information regarding Reed’s death contact the Mid-Missouri Major Case squad at 573-592-3155.

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