The Federal Emergency Management Agency has deployed members from Missouri Task Force One to Oregon and Louisiana.

Team members sent to Oregon are responding to forest fires, while Louisiana personnel will assist with the Hurricane Sally missions, according to the Boone County Fire Protection District.

The Category 1 storm is threatening the Gulf Coast with “rapidly strengthening winds” and “the potential for up to 2 feet of rain that could bring severe flooding,” according to the Associated Press.

FEMA activated Task Force One ahead of Sally’s landfall, when it was still classified as a Tropical Storm. The task force left the Boone County Fire Protection District Columbia headquarters Sunday, heading to a staging location near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the district tweeted.

The team includes 46 personnel “with an emphasis on water rescue capabilities." It mobilized after arrival and will follow missions from state and local authorities once the storm passes.

In Oregon, at least eight fatalities have been reported from the wildfires, and tens of thousands of people have been “forced to flee their homes,” according to the Associated Press.

Two members of Task Force One have deployed to Salem, Oregon, in response to the fires. The members are part of an Incident Support Team and arrived in Oregon on Sunday. They are currently managing National Urban Search & Rescue resources, as well as assisting other management teams.

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