A woman told jurors Wednesday she was sleeping when Austin Campbell entered her room, pulled down her pants and raped her.

“I remembered opening my eyes and the defendant trying to kiss me,” she said. She said she told him no and pushed him off of her and onto the ground. She then had to push Campbell out of her room, she said.

Austin Campbell, an MU freshman at the time, was arrested on Jan. 20, 2016, and charged with rape and burglary after he allegedly entered the woman’s residence hall room on Jan. 18 and raped her. The burglary charge was later dropped.

His previous trial for the rape charge ended in a mistrial after jurors could not come to a unanimous decision, according to previous reporting. Campbell is no longer an MU student.

The victim testified Wednesday she had never been alone with the defendant before that moment, and she never consented to sex with him. She said she was “100 percent positive it was not consensual.”

Current and former MU students, all friends of the victim, also testified for the prosecution, which rested its case on Wednesday.

During opening statements on Tuesday, defense attorney Adam Dowling said Campbell went to the victim’s room along with other people from their dorm for a get-together, where there was alcohol. Campbell noticed later that he forgot his water bottle in her dorm room and went back to get it, Dowling said.

One witness testified on Wednesday that she saw the defendant standing outside the victim’s door before the alleged assault, claiming he was looking for his misplaced water bottle.

Instead of allowing Campbell into the victim’s room, the witness went inside to look for the bottle and left Campbell standing outside. The victim “did not react at all” to the witness entering her room and using her phone as a light source, indicating that she was sound asleep. The witness said she didn’t find the water bottle and told the defendant to come back in the morning.

Another witness testified via video that Campbell seemed anxious the day after the alleged rape. He, Campbell and one other person went to buy cigarettes, and Campbell told the witness that he wanted to “hook up” with the victim the previous night. Campbell said he engaged in consensual sex with the victim until she told him to stop, the witness said.

Dowling said the victim had been drinking, invited Campbell into her bed and began to consensually engage in foreplay. The victim then briefly fell asleep, Dowling said, and told Campbell to stop once she awakened. Dowling said Campbell listened and stopped.

But the victim testified that she never consented and didn’t invite him into her room when he went to find his water bottle. Prosecutor Jessica Caldera said the victim had been asleep in a friend’s dorm room, and someone assisted her back to her room.

The victim said she had been asleep in her room when she suddenly awoke to Campbell on top of her. He had pulled down her leggings and began to rape her.

She told him no, pushed him off and ran out of her room. When she returned, he was still there, and only after she yelled at him to leave and pushed him did he go away.

“He might have been having sex with me, but I was definitely not having it back,” the victim said.

Deanna Allen, a registered nurse and sexual assault nurse examiner, said she was the nurse on-call when the victim went to University Hospital the day after the alleged rape, Allen testified. She examined the victim and found an injury in her genital area that was “consistent of the sexual assault she described,” she said.

The trial was expected to continue until Friday. Testimony was set to resume Thursday. Campbell was expected to testify during the trial.

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