Apple pies sit on a baking sheet

Apple pies sit on a baking sheet waiting to be boxed Wednesday at Peggy Jean's Pies in Columbia. Peggy Jean's made over 1,000 pies in advance of Thanksgiving Day.

On its seventh anniversary Saturday, family-owned bakery Peggy Jean’s Pies announced in a Facebook post that it will be opening a second location, in Shoppes at Stadium.

The pie shop is run by three generations: Jeanne Plumley, who started the business with her friend Peggy Day; Plumley’s daughter, Rebecca Miller; and Miller’s daughter, Ellery Miller, who runs the business’s social media.

Plans for a new location have been in the works since last September, Rebecca Miller said.

“It’s always been a long-term goal to be like, ‘OK, can we one day have, you know, 50 Peggy Jean’s? What do we want our company to look like?’” she said. “And so we thought, ‘Well, there’s no way to know until we have two.’”

Because all the pies are baked from scratch, the demand Peggy Jean’s sees, especially around the holidays, has meant it has had to close down its ordering system and turn people away. The new location will help solve that problem by allowing more pies to go out every day, Miller said.

Miller expects the new store to be “pretty much an exact dupe of the current store.” It will look the same, feel the same and sell the same pies.

“I think what makes us so special is we’re not about just coming in and buying pies. We have an atmosphere about us that’s warm and welcoming and inviting,” she said. “I just want that consistency in the product and in our customer service and in our atmosphere. I want it all to be the same.”

Miller said the family hasn’t hammered out the details of how they’ll run two stores. However, her husband, Jason, recently joined the team full-time, and she expects that will help.

The bakery doesn’t need to have everything figured out yet, though. Miller compared the feeling of opening a new location to when she and her husband decided to have their second child: There’s so much worry about how things will work, but when it finally happens, things fall into place.

“Once you have it, it becomes so much more clear and easy, and you’re so much more capable than you think,” she said.

Now, it’s a matter of getting the space ready. The new store will be in the old GAP location, which it will share with two other businesses.

Miller is hoping for a fall opening, but specifics are still in the works. However, any time is fine with her as long as it’s not right before Thanksgiving, “the busiest pie holiday of the year,” she joked.

Fans of the shop expressed their excitement for the new location over Facebook. After an hour, the post had more than 400 likes and 60 comments.

“Just got a pie today!! Happy 7 years, and can’t wait for the new spot to open!” read one comment. Another read, “I am new to the area, but I have tried the amazing products, and it’s nice to see a great business like this succeeding.” Others were simple messages of “Congratulations!” and “Best news ever.”

Miller is in California working on another “super secret project” for Peggy Jean’s, but she’s been watching the comments roll in.

“I knew people would be excited, but you just don’t know on social media, so reading all this is just so nice,” she said. “We have the best customers that way. They’re always so supportive, and it feels so genuine. It’s just like telling a huge group of friends, even though you’ve just blasted it out onto the internet.”

Seven years ago, Miller helped open the current store with no retail experience and no idea of what it would become. Now, she and the rest of the Peggy Jean’s crew are ready for this “level up,” she said.

“Fast forward seven years, and you see how much we’ve grown and how much smarter and more adaptable and stronger my mom and I have become,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what (this change) does to us and what it makes us and how it changes our company.”

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