Missouri won't be getting a Hyperloop One route connecting its two largest cities, the company announced Thursday.

In April, high-speed transit company Hyperloop One announced that a Missouri route between Kansas City and St. Louis was a semi-finalist in its Global Challenge. But when Hyperloop One announced their top 10 global finalists Thursday, the list did not include Missouri.

"MoDOT was told the Hyperloop One Global Challenge judges and engineers were impressed by the quality of the KC-St. Louis proposal and feel an opportunity exists for collaboration to further develop the potential of the corridor," MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna said in a news release.

The proposed route would have gone from Kansas City to St. Louis along Interstate 70 and would have made at least one stop in Columbia. The proposed route would have made travel time from either city to Columbia approximately 12 minutes.

This new transportation technology is from a Los Angeles-based startup that uses electric propulsion, low-pressure tubes and magnetic levitation to gradually accelerate a pod to “airline speeds,” according to a release from the company.

Tom Blair, assistant district engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation, was the project’s team leader. Blair said MoDOT applied to the to the Hyperloop One Global Challenge as part of its “Road to Tomorrow” initiative, which aims to renovate old interstate in innovative ways.

Missouri was originally one of 11 American and 24 other semifinalists out of more than 2,600 applications to Hyperloop One.

Of the 11 American semifinalists, four made it into the finals. Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo, Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh, Miami-Orlando and Dallas-Houston routes are U.S. finalists. The other finalists include routes from the United Kingdom, Mexico, India and Canada.

“We are excited about the possibility of future discussions with the Hyperloop One team and how this innovative technology could benefit the citizens and economy of Missouri in the future," McKenna said.

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