ROGERSVILLE — Investigators seized 190 catalytic converters and 67 weapons when they searched a home in southwest Missouri recently, and one man was arrested after the raid.

Court documents say officers from several law enforcement agencies recovered those items along with $125,000 cash and several things that had been reported stolen when they searched the home in Rogersville last month. That small town is about 10 miles east of Springfield.

Police have said that thefts of catalytic converters, which are part of a car's exhaust system and contain precious metals, have been a widespread problem in the Springfield area in recent years. Other cities have also reported that those thefts have become common as the price of the metals found inside catalytic converters has soared.

The man who lived at the home, 24-year-old Evan Marshall, has been charged with a federal gun crime and felony theft charges in state court, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Marshall remains in jail, and his attorney didn't immediately respond to messages from the newspaper on Friday.

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