Scott Sifton has worn many hats — he's a lawyer, and has served in both the Missouri House and Senate. Now, the Kansas City native is running for the U.S. Senate, hoping to fill Sen. Roy Blunt's seat in 2022.

The first officially declared Democrat in the race, Sifton announced his candidacy Feb. 8 via social media. 

Sifton met with the Boone County Muleskinners on Friday afternoon via Zoom.

He emphasized the importance of keeping former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens from being elected to a statewide position. Greitens served as governor from Jan. 2017 to June 2018, prior to his resignation.

“This race has just been an effort to keep Greitens out of the United States Senate," Sifton said.

Greitens resigned in June 2018 after allegations of an extramarital affair, invasion of privacy and violations of open records laws.

He explained that "the Republicans aren't going to try to stop him, (so) I think there's an excellent chance it's going to fall to the Democrats to make sure that man does not get back in public office and get sent to Washington."

Sifton said voters can count on him to take on Eric Greitens, because he has done it before.

He cited his work on various Senate bills, projects and investigations during Greitens' gubernatorial term. Sifton was one of 29 out of 32 senators to sign the Greitens impeachment inquiry.

"(I was) there every step of the way, calling him out and making sure people understood what was happening there," Sifton said.

A troubled past

Sifton highlighted that "it's not enough to tell people who we're against — we have to tell them who we're for and what we're for."

Among his top priorities are working families and public service, Sifton said. 

When Sifton was 15, his father lost his job. The family declared bankruptcy and moved to a temporary home. Sifton went to Truman State University on a scholarship, and later attended law school.

He cited that resilience as an important factor in his career. In order to win a Senate seat in South County (which serves part of St. Louis,) Sifton flipped the seat from Republican to Democratic control.

"I've proven I can beat tough Republicans in a tough district," Sifton said. "And certainly the U.S. Senate race in the state of Missouri, especially with the last three or four cycles that we've had, is certainly going to be a tough race."

Sifton told voters that he plans to advocate for them and their needs, no matter what.

"I don't just want to be the U.S. Senator from Missouri," Sifton said. "I want to be the U.S. Senator for Missouri."

Sifton detailed a wide range of priorities, including:

  • Eliminating workplace discrimination.
  • Dismantling systemic racism.
  • Ending the prison industrial complex.
  • Making higher education more affordable.
  • Raising the minimum wage.
  • And fighting for women's right to choose.

He said he plans to work harder this election cycle than ever before, and hopes voters will do the same.

"It's gonna take all of us, and do not for one second underestimate the importance of your role in making it happen," Sifton said. "The role you play is pivotal and critical in ways you probably don't imagine."

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