On a virtual stage, Columbia teachers are doing what they can to engage their students in theater's magic.
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‘It is now — it isn’t forever’: CPS theater programs adjust to COVID-19

On a virtual stage, Columbia teachers are doing what they can to engage their students in theater's magic. Read more

Parson delivers briefing while in isolation

Gov. Mike Parson and First Lady Teresa Parson tested positive for COVID-19 last week. 

First MU Health Care employee dies from COVID-19 complications

The employee who died worked in a nonclinical role and didn't interact with the public or patients. 

UCM, MU partner to help students expedite law careers

The new agreements allows UCM students to decrease their undergraduate academic career by one year.

Bush’s court cases aren’t criminal despite claims by Rogers

Anthony Rogers called Cori Bush a “career criminal and a con artist,” but there is no evidence to suggest Bush is either.

FACT CHECK: Dragoo jumps the gun; ranked-choice voting is still up for debate

It’s hard to say whether ranked-choice voting definitively increases voter turnout because the data isn’t there yet.

Army Corps of Engineers waives day recreation fees

Fees are expected to be resumed next spring, the corps said in a news release.

Friday Kinder Institute panel to discuss policing and criminal justice reform

Panelists Rafael Mangual and Professor S. David Mitchell will speak on issues of policing and criminal justice reform. 


PROGRESS AWARDS: Nominate a community member or organization

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The Missourian Progress Awards recognize the people who help make Columbia a great place to live and move us forward. Read more

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Despite new-look Drinkwitz offense, MU likely to lean on familiar faces

Keke Chism and Damon Hazelton were supposed to be integral parts of the Missouri offense. But after Week 1, familiar faces seem to be returning to the surface. Read more

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