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The future of agriculture is here

We are bringing you a special newsletter today. In conjunction with MU Extension, we have taken a look at the newest developments and technology being used in agriculture around the state. We invite you to take a closer look at how drones help researchers evaluate forage growth, how robots analyze corn and soybean crops, how new netting is decreasing damage to plants by Japanese beetles, and much more.

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Annie's Project shares resources and builds confidence for women farmers

The class empowers women farmers by teaching them marketing and business management, as well as giving them legal and human resources. Read more


Grazing management schools improve beef, grass and water quality in Missouri

The purposes of grazing management include rationing forage efficiently and reducing the use of fuel and machinery. Read more


MU research puts green algae on the front line to replace fossil fuel

Cheng, a researcher with the Interdisciplinary Plant Group at MU, he wants to figure out how to generate green algae as a biofuel to power cars. Read more


Furrow-irrigated rice gaining popularity in Southeast Missouri

The Fisher Delta Research Center is studying the growing method in counties with ideal soil conditions in southeast Missouri. Read more


Growing hemp: Eager producers need to wade in carefully, experts say

In August, industrial hemp products were allowed for the first time to be produced and sold. Read more