Last year, Boone County was presented with an opportunity to host a renewable and reliable source of power: a wind farm to be located on private properties in the northern part of the county. This project would have provided local jobs and boosted local property tax revenues. However, the proposal got bogged down in the Boone County Planning & Zoning Commission, which became solely focused on issues brought to bear by residents who had factually dubious concerns about wind power.

Some residents feared the turbines would negatively impact their health. However, research by our government’s Department of Energy has shown that wind turbines cause no physical harm. Scientific studies have not found links between infrasound resulting from turbines and human health. Wind technology is improving constantly and turbines are quieter and more efficient than ever. A wind turbine currently makes as much noise as a refrigerator and that’s often covered up by the wind itself. National psychological groups have confirmed any perceived illnesses from wind turbines is psychosomatic, caused by fear of new technology or dislike of wind farms generally and arise as a result of an expectation of experiencing symptoms.

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