Hours before the Missouri legislature adjourned for the summer last week, House Speaker Dean Plocher said the quiet part out loud. In chiding the state Senate for failing to pass a bill making it more difficult for citizens to amend the state constitution, he warned that if a referendum to restore abortion rights in Missouri needs only a simple majority to pass, it would. In other words, Plocher admitted that efforts to change the ballot petition process are a blatant maneuver to deny Missourians the right to weigh in on this crucial question. That makes it more important than ever that pro-choice forces get abortion rights onto the 2024 statewide ballot.

The bill that passed the House this session, but thankfully stalled in the Senate, would have required a victory of 57% of the statewide vote to make changes to the state constitution via ballot initiative. Contrary to some legislative Republicans’ straight-faced claims, the timing of this sudden urgency for silencing Missourians was not coincidental — it was entirely about ensuring that Missouri’s draconian new abortion ban doesn’t get overturned by the voters.

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