While most schools are back open, students are still having to quarantine when they or a close contact test positive for COVID-19. Imagine trying to learn while also worrying about where you are going to learn from.

Congress has an opportunity to take a leap and address poverty in a significant way to ensure that every kid has a place to stay so that they can learn, regardless of whether they are in school or quarantined at home.

Included in the current proposal for Congress are two critical changes — making the 2021 changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit permanent and expanding the Housing Choice Voucher program.

These changes will help tens of millions of Americans afford rent, child care and other basic needs to stay warm and happy through all the seasons.

Some want to worry about how to pay for this bill. However, they should think about the millions who are not sure how they will pay for basic necessities that most people take for granted.

If we say that we care about the future of our country, then we should invest in this bill.

I urge our members of Congress, including Sen. Roy Blunt and Sen. Josh Hawley, to demand that the 2021 EITC and CTC provisions are made permanent and Housing Choice Vouchers are expanded in the final recovery bill.

Sarah Miller lives in University City and is a volunteer with RESULTS, a grassroots organization that pushes for policies that address ending poverty.

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